in Lake Zurich IL
Striving to promote the rights and dignity of our residents and
assist them in growing to their fullest potential


Medical Services

Mount St. Joseph is a health care facility.  Most residents have multiple medical needs in addition to their developmental disabilities.  A dedicated nursing staff is on duty 24 hours a day/seven days a week to care for these needs.  The Medical Director visits the facility at last once weekly and is on call 24 hours a day for any emergencies.  In addition to nursing and doctor's care, a pharmacy delivers necessary medications and provides services of a nurse and pharmacist for consultative services.

Mount St. Joseph has several specialists who come to the facility to treat residents' needs.  Two dentists come regularly and treat residents in a fully equipped dental office.  A podiatrist and an optometrist visit on a monthly basis.  A psychiatrist comes quarterly for consultation and is available in emergency situations.  In addition to these regularly provided medical services, speech, physical and occupational consultations are arranged as needed.   Through practitioners who are affiliated with Mount St. Joseph, referrals to other specialists in the local community are possible and there is a driver who transports residents to office appointments for examinations and special procedures.

Psychological Services

Each resident receives individual psychiatric and psychological services according to that person's needs.  Residents have formal assessment of their cognitive abilities when this is determined to be clinically indicated.  Individuals admitted to Mount St. Joseph are assisted in coping with adjustments inherent in a new home/group living situation.  They are monitored and guided while facing various changes in their family life/family structure.  Staff is attentive to subtle changes that may occur throughout an individual's life span.  At any time, a resident might benefit from a formal behavioral intervention program and or counseling sessions.  There are team reviews to determine if and when these treatment modalities are appropriate.  Everyone works together to meet residents' psycho-social needs.

Case Management and Social Services

The case managers (QIDPs) and the Social Services Department provide the supportive foundations necessary for the psycho-social development of each resident.  These professionals work together to promote and protect the rights of each resident, encourage contact with family members and friends and ensure opportunities for adequate community involvement.  Staff is available to meet with residents and family members on a regular basis or as specific needs arise.