in Lake Zurich IL
Striving to promote the rights and dignity of our residents and
assist them in growing to their fullest potential

​Mount St. Joseph currently has six residences.   Each residence houses 16-32 women.  The larger residences are subdivided into smaller groups of eight residents.  In order to best meet their needs, residents are grouped according to mental and physical abilities, so that they share interests and opportunities.  

Each residence has a housemother who is responsible for the overall care of the residents in her charge.  Each residence is staffed with certified habilitation aides who work alternate shifts to provide qualified staff on duty to work with the residents on a 24 hour daily basis.

As much as possible, each residence is set up to be "home."  Bedrooms in the residence house 1-4 women.  Each residence has a day room, where residents participate in therapeutic programs, develop leisure skills, or just relax watching television.  Residences also have a kitchen and a dining room where family style serving is encouraged.  And every residence has a small laundry room where some residents may learn to care for their own clothing.

Mount St. Joseph Residences