in Lake Zurich IL
Striving to promote the rights and dignity of our residents and
assist them in growing to their fullest potential

About the Mount

Who We Are

Mount St. Joseph is a non-profit health care facility that cares for adult women with varying degrees of cognitive and physical disabilities.  Mount St. Joseph is owned by the Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence.  The Sisters, who have accepted responsibility for the day to day administrative tasks, belong to an international congregation ministering in the spirit of their founder Saint Louis Guanella.  Saint Guanella's works were established to serve those with the greatest need.  He began his work during the late 1800s in Italy and came to the United States in 1912.  Today, the Daughters of Saint Mary of Providence continue to make Saint Guanella's vision of care a reality.  The Sisters strive to promote the dignity of each person and work with residents to assist them in growing to their fullest potential.

The Mount St. Joseph Campus

The daughters of Saint Mary of Providence established Mount St. Joseph in 1935.  Originally two Sisters and six developmentally disabled women moved from their home,  Saint Mary of Providence,  in Chicago to take up residence in a farmhouse.  From these  humble beginnings, Mount St. Joseph has grown.  Today the campus consists of six distinct residences, a chapel, administrative offices, conference rooms, offices for professional staff and  training, a developmental training program, as well as areas specifically designed for dietary services, maintenance, laundry and nursing.


The residential complex at Mount St. Joseph is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  The majority of residents receive funding through state and federal programs.  The public  assistance funds are stretched to cover basic expenses.  The facility relies heavily upon donations from benefactors to help provide extra-curricular activities, to assist in repairing/replacing equipment and furnishings, and to support capital improvements .